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synfire25's Journal

Hi there, everyone!

My name is Synfire (well, that's what you can call me ^^;)

I'm a 17 year old girl from Tas (yeah, there ARE people down here >.<) I currently attend college, studying environmental science, graphic design, maths (bleah!) and physical science! I'm hoping to go to university to study and become a zoologist, so that I can help study and save animals. I love drawing in my free time. I'm a graphic-y kind of person, so alot of my stuff is based that way, and coloured on Photoshop. I also take art classes outside of school, but they are traditional art-based, to help me practice watercolour, painting, etc.

I live my mum, my step-father and my little brother (13), and I have a cat and a dog. Well, the cat is mine ^^ Her name is Ruby, and she's black, white and beautiful :D And a little on the chubby side....

Well, I love anime and manga ^^ My favs at the moment are Rozen Maiden, Saikano, Negima, Azumanga Daioh, Death Note and Fruits Basket. And I love Pokemon! I got into it when I was about 8, and I just never really grew out of it ^^; I even run my own fanclub on DeviantArt...

I love dressing in Lolita! It's actually the main reason I joined up here ^^ To check out the sales and such...
I know people seem to have a favourite style in this fashion (sweet, gothic, aristocrat) but I just love them all and I'll dress in whatever I can get my hands on :D I just love to put on those beautiful clothes and look cute and elegant ^^

Well, that's enough about me, I think ^^ If you want to know anything about, just ask!
I won't bite >.>